SITE 2019 Presentations

We had a great presence at SITE conference this year. I enjoyed meeting old friends and sharing our LATTE research with participants. LATTE’s sessions were well-received.

Baran, E., & AlZoubi, D. (2019). Bringing open pedagogy to practice in a blended graduate course: Affordances and challenges. Paper presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March  18-22, Las Vegas, NV.

Akinci-Ceylan, S., Baran, E., Ceylan, H. (2019). Integrating Learning by Design into a Flipped Civil Engineering Design Course. Paper presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March  18-22, Las Vegas, NV.

Jin, Y., Baran, E., Schmidt-Crawford, D., Donner, J., Foulger, T., Niess, M., & Tondeur, J. (2019). Multiple Perspectives on Applying the TPACK Framework in Teacher Education. Panel presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March  18-22, Las Vegas, NV.

Evrim & Dana presented paper on open pedagogy
TPACK Panel at SITE 2019
LATTE members at SITE 2019

Received a grant to develop open content on aquatic toxicology

Our team (Dr. Evrim Baran (School of Education) and Dr. Boris Jovanovic (Natural Resource and Ecology Management) received the Miller Open Education Mini-Grant to create the first “Open Wikibook for the Aquatic Toxicology Graduate Course”. The project aims to create and integrate an Aquatic Toxicology Wikibook as a major course component to the Aquatic Toxicology graduate course that will be designed and offered in Spring 2019 in the Department of Natural Resource and Ecology Management. The course will follow the “open pedagogy approach” that will engage students in co-constructing the course content. The wikibook project is expected to impact student learning by creating a space for collaboration, connection, diversity, and critical assessment of educational content.

Received the Miller Faculty Fellowship

We received the Miller Faculty Fellowship with our project titled: “Video Enhanced Mobile Observation (VEO M-Observe): Mobile-App Supported Peer Observation and Feedback Pedagogy for Enhancing Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Practice”

VEO – Video tagging system aiding learning and development

Our team (Dr. Evrim Baran, Dr. EunJin Bahng & Ms. Dana AlZoubi) will develop an innovative pedagogy, VEO M-Observe, that integrates the video-enhanced mobile observation (VEO) app into reciprocal peer-teaching (RPT) in the “Teaching of Science” course offered to approximately 100 preservice science teachers each year. The purpose of this project is to develop and explore the potential of the VEO M-Observe pedagogy in enhancing preservice teachers’ peer-feedback and reflective practices. Ultimately, we aim at the transferability of the VEO M-Observe model in various disciplinary areas, within which an inquiry-based social learning approach is valued.

Received the Innovative Teaching Initiative Grant

Our “Create, Design, and Innovate” project received a College of Human Sciences Innovative Teaching Initiative Grant. The purpose of this project is to develop open course modules that will use design thinking as a model to help preservice teachers translate the entrepreneurial mindset into the design of learning technologies.

The modules will aim to (1) provide preservice teachers first-hand experiences on what it means to be an entrepreneurial educator in the context of learning technologies and (2) scaffold their design and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas into practice with the design thinking approach.

The modules will include a variety of hands-on experiences, exemplary scenarios, and methods to develop such skill-set among preservice teachers. The modules will be integrated into the existing courses in the Learning Technologies minor in the School of Education. This collaborative effort aims to converge the disciplines of Education (Dr. Evrim Baran, School of Education, Dr. Denise Schmidt-Crawford, CTLT), Design (Dr. Seda McKilligan, Industrial Design), and Entrepreneurship (Judi Eyles, Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship).