My scholarship converges the disciplines of educational technology, human computer interaction, and learning sciences to answer complex problems in today’s learning environments.  My research aims to establish effective strategies for the design of mobile, online, and flexible learning environments in teacher education, engineering education, and STEM learning contexts.


  • Multimodal investigation of technology enhanced learning environments: The new wave of technological innovations such as wearable sensors and eye trackers enable educational researchers combine data from physical classroom activities and physiological responses with more traditional educational data. My recent research uses multimodal methods for developing and tracking teacher knowledge and behavior in technology enhanced STEM and engineering classrooms.
  • Design, development, and evaluation of online learning: My recent work on online learning and teaching focuses on the implementation of open pedagogy as an approach to empower learners in the co-creation of the course content and help them contribute to the body of knowledge they learn.
  • Technology enhanced teacher education strategies: I investigate the impact of teacher education strategies on pre-service and inservice teachers’ knowledge of effective technology integration.


Active Grants

PI, Miller Faculty Fellowship, “Video Enhanced Mobile Observation (VEO M-Observe): Mobile-App Supported Peer Observation and Feedback Pedagogy for Enhancing Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Practice” (CoPI: EunJin Bahng (SOE), [2019-2020].

CoPI, Miller Open Education Mini-Grant, “Creating an Open Wikibook for the Aquatic Toxicology Graduate Course” (PI: Boris Jovanovic (NREM), [2019-2020].

PI, College of Human Sciences, Innovative Teaching Initiative, “Create, Design, and Innovate Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship in Learning Technologies” (CoPIs: Denise Schmidt (SOE), Seda McKilligan (Design), Judi Eyles (Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship), [2019-2020].

Before 2018

PI, European Commission, Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, “TeachEdMobile: Integrating Mobile Applications into Teacher Education”, [2012-2017].

Co-PI, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, “Developing and Implementing TPACK-based Science Teacher Education PD programs” (PI: Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici, CoPI: Havva Yamak), [2013-2016].

PI, METU Research Fund, “Learning Progressions to Track Teachers’ Engineering Education Practices” (Co-PI: Erdinc Cakiroglu, Co-PI: Canan Mesutoglu), [2016].

Co-PI, METU Research Fund, “Developing Video Series for STEM Research in Higher Education” (PI: Erdinc Cakiroglu), [2016].

PI, The German Research Foundation (DFG), “Developing a Methodology for the Identification of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Relevant Teaching Through a Video Study” [Co-PI: Tina Seidel, Co-PI: Kathleen Sturmer], [2015].

PI, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, “Young Inventors Designing the Future: STEM Training Project” (Co-PI: Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici, Co-PI: Erdinc Cakiroglu), [2015].

Co-PI, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, “Developing and Implementing a STEM Education PD program” (PI: Engin Karahan, Co-PI: Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici), [2015].

PI, METU Research Fund, “Investigating the Usability of Educational Mobile Applications”, [2014]