I find the opportunity to interact with students as one of the most rewarding aspects of the academic life.  Teaching to me is a means for guiding students in their pursuit to explore and create new knowledge. Especially within graduate settings, optimal teaching is that that derives its core from research and, in turn, also feeds the research through exercising critical thinking and a fresh vision.  Three principles have guided my teaching: (a) Learning in real-life situations; (b) Participation to the community of practice; (c) contributing to the society with open pedagogy. The courses below reflect my teaching approach.

Graduate courses taught at Iowa State University (2018-present)

Graduate courses taught at METU (2012-2018)

  • EDS-612: Theoretical and Practical Applications of Educational Research
  • EDS-520: Training Strategies and Techniques
  • EDS-542: Learning Sciences Research and Applications, Course bookmarks at the course Diigo Page. Course Ignites at Youtube, Fall 2013Fall 2014Learning Scientists on the Spot
  • EDS-536: Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education–  Course bookmarks at the course Diigo Page. Course Ignites at Youtube, Spring 2013, 20142015
  • EDS-544: Theories of Instruction, Course bookmarks at the course Diigo Page. Course open content at METU Open Courseware
  • EDS-558: WEB-Based Training: Design and Implementation Strategies

Undergraduate Courses taught at METU (2012-2018)

  • EDS-220: Educational Psychology– Open course content at METU Open Courseware.
  • EDS-304: Classroom Management
  • EDS-200: Introduction to Education